Friday, July 31, 2009

Toothless Grin

When Baileigh lost her bottom two teeth in December I handled it okay...the adult teeth were ready and waiting and filled in the gap within days. The loss of the top middle tooth seems to mark more of a milestone. Gone is her beautiful smile with small, even, nicely spaced teeth. In there place will be new adult teeth...commonly large and crooked and funny looking.

Considering she is going to be 8 in a few months this milestone is occurring later then a lot of her peers, but it makes me sad none the less.

My two toothless teeth for Morgan and one less for Baileigh.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Final Swim Meet

This morning was our final swim meet. We're all ready for a break...but this has been an awesome experience and the girls have had a blast. I'm thankful that we live in a neighborhood with a swim team so we can have this opportunity.
Our swimmers! Both girls have improved in their skills in amazing ways! We're currently debating swimming two times a week throughout the school year...right now they are more interested in the idea of gymnastics since they are ready for a break.
Mckenna is the second for the top with her arm in the air swimming back stroke...she was tied for first until she hit the lane and then slowed down.
Morgan taking it all in...
I'm not going to miss getting up at 5:30am on a Saturday morning, but it was worth it for nine weeks so the girls could have this experience.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4 months old

Monday marked 4 months for Morgan. She has made it an easy 4 months for our family! She has been sleeping through the night for at least a month...and I'm talking from about 10pm until 8am! She has mastered rolling over for the most part...occasionally she still gets stuck on her arm but usually she can make the full rotation. She has discovered her lungs and when she is in the mood she can compete with the noise level of her sisters!

I think in her entire four months of life she has maybe cried an hour! I'm not even exaggerating. If she is crying she is hungry, dirty, or stuck in a position she doesn't like...otherwise, she is content and usually smiling. If I lay her down somewhere she never cries or fusses when I walk away. Basically...she has been an amazing baby and I truly don't have any complaints. I always wonder if this is just her fourth born, last child, easy going temperament...or if its related to how I parent different from my first born to my fourth. Regardless, I'm so thankful for her personality and we thoroughly enjoy her being a part of our family.

She just started liking her Bumbo seat (thankfully) and in the next few weeks we'll try the exercauser. You take a pacifier but you also like to suck on your fist. You have beautiful blue eyes, very pretty skin, and blonde hair with a little tint of red. You look a lot like Mckenna's baby pictures at this age. We can't wait to get to know you better in the next year!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Final Day

Our last day in MI was spent packing...but one final night of fun. It was our night to say good-bye to our cousins, and a quick hello to Papa who we overlapped for one night.

We spent a little time in downtown Birmingham and with 6 young kids this means a stop at a park.

Since it was their last night together I attempted one more group photo. I managed a few decent ones...sun spots were my enemy though and I didn't realize it until I downloaded the photos. I need to learn my editing software so I can figure out how to eliminate sunspots. Any suggestions?
Considering their ages and the fact that there was a park calling their name the girls were pretty cooperative.
After the park we grabbed a bite of dinner and then had some ice cream. It would be nice to be closer to family, especially considering all the girls and their close ages.

So we're back to reality. The biggest adjustment is having Daddy go back to work. We sure had fun having him around and his absence is hardest on me since it means I hear several times a day "where is Daddy?" "when will Daddy be home?" "why did Daddy have to go to work?'

Lake Day II

We had so much fun the other day at the lake that we went back for more.
Brad manned the floating raft so that the kids could swim without the moms and grandmas being too nervous on shore.
Morgan finally wore her adorable new swim wear, compliments of a great friend's mom. Her chubby legs sure are cuter in a suit then her mommy.
When Morgan wasn't being passed around and loved on she chilled in a raft...essentially it was a pack n play at the beach!

Brooke and her buddies on the boat.
Despite the fact it was 9:00pm when I took this photo...we were still on the water and the kids weren't showing any signs of slowing down.

We didn't get out of the water until almost stays light so late that time just got away from us and it was hard to resist the quiet still lake...perfect for skiing and tubing.

Wedding Day

Brad's friend, Kevin, finally tied the knot. Kevin and Brad played baseball together at the Academy. They lived in a house together when I started dating Brad so I got to know Kevin pretty well since I spent a lot of time at their house.

The fact that we've been married almost 12 years and have 4 kids and Kevin is just settling down makes me feel old! Although I don't know his bride, I know Kevin is a quality guy and that he has waited a long time to find the right person so that says a lot about Julia.

We left the baby at the hotel with Nana and took the girls to the wedding ceremony. They were fairly interested in the wedding itself but of course the dessert reception took the cake! Haha...couldn't help myself.

If you've noticed there aren't many pictures of us, just the kids...did I mention Brad got pink eye the first day of our trip and passed it on to me! Yep...nice!

Cedar Point!

Part of our trip to MI included a mini trip to Ohio for one of Brad's friend's wedding. We decided to leave a day early and stop at Cedar Point. I have so many memories of this place from growing trips, youth group trips etc. It was fun to ride roller coasters with my kids that I remember riding when they were brand new.

Nana came with us for the weekend. It was fun to have her and we appreciated her willingness to sit with the stroller as well as keep the girls during the wedding dinner.

It was a hot day but the crowds weren't bad and the lines weren't long either.
Later in the evening it became overcast and breezy which made it extremely comfortable at the park.
My roller coaster junkies. These girls love coasters and wait for the back car if the line isn't too long. This was the first park where Baileigh turned down one or two roller coasters that she was tall enough to ride. "Maybe next time" she, they must have looked intimidating because she has never said no to a coaster!
Nana had some fun on the rides, too.
Baileigh is a good sport and goes on the "little rides" with her younger sisters...I think she had fun, though.

It was a full day and the girls collapsed once we got to the hotel that evening. So did mom and dad!

Spray Park

We're back from MI and I'm attempting to get caught up. I'm going to use this trip to make one of my first creative memories digital albums...but I thought while I was sorting through my photos I would post them to my blog.

One of the reasons behind this visit was to meet up with my brother and his family who were going to be visiting MI from their new home in Colorado. Unfortunately the cousins haven't had a lot of time together over the years...but it didn't keep them from acting like instant best friends.

My niece, Ayanna, with Baileigh and Mckenna...ages 7, 6, 5.

Brooke and Aryssa are only about 8 weeks apart in age and, as you can along great.
Our first full day in MI we went to a local spray park. It was just big enough to entertain the girls as they got to know each other again and just small enough for the adults to be able to sit and relax and talk.

Five out of six of the girls....Morgan snoozed most of the morning.

Lake Huron

On our next day in town we drove up to Port Huron to see my friend, Laurie, at her family's cottage. Being in the military means that on a daily basis you don't typically get to interact with people whom you have much its fun to have a chance to see friends who have known me since I was a child or teenager. Laurie has been like my big sister and I feel very old now seeing her kids in their teens and talking about college.

The morning was cool and windy so the girls started off by just playing on the beach.
We had a mini photo shoot...I took a ton of pictures with my new camera. I still have a lot of learning and reading to do about the various settings, but this trip was a good chance to experiment.

Amongst all the other things we did the girls also got a chance to ride ATV's on the beach. Notice how focused Baileigh is on driving in this photo.
Later in the day the girls got brave enough to try the cool water. It didn't last long but they had fun.

After taking a break for dinner we returned to the beach for a fire, smores, and fireworks. It was a beautiful sunset and pretty much the perfecting ending to a great day.
Brittany was only days old when I headed off to Taylor for my freshman year of college. One more year and she'll be starting her freshman year of, time goes so fast.
Morgan spent most of the day sleeping or getting a lot of well deserved love and attention.
It makes me sad that this family doesn't get to spend more time with my girls...but I appreciate how quickly they step into their lives when we do get to visit. There has been a lot of talk about Aunt Laurie and Uncle Bob and Brittnay ever since we left...I doubt we'll ever get to MI again without them asking us to go to the lake and have smores and fireworks.

The girls

The 6 granddaughters on my side of the family...not much Star Wars or football in the future.
On Wednesday we spent the afternoon with some of my favorite girls in the world. I've known Shelly since we were 4 and attending the same preschool, then we did K-12 at the same private school. Tricia joined us in 1st grade and we've all been friends ever since. Shelly has two boys (on the left) that I'm already telling my girls are "dangerous" and they should stay away from those Parpart boys! I figured encouraging them to like them would backfire some day so I'm starting early with the reverse psychology approach. Tricia has two kids in the middle and my four girls round out the group and help the girls out number the boys!
Tricia and Shelly see each other often since they are both in Michigan, so their kids play together a lot. I'm hoping that means that Blake sees Elizabeth as more of a sister and someday is interested in Baileigh. I can dream, right!?Wednesday evening we left the kids with Nana and enjoyed a night out with a few other couples at Comerica Park to watch the Tigers play...and win!

We had great seats and it was the perfect night for a game weather wise. I've been to games that seem to last forever but I feel like I blinked and the night was over! I guess that is the difference of going without kids to a night game!

Day at the Lake

Despite the fact that we told the girls we thought they were having too much fun, we agreed to a another great day with friends at their house on a lake.
The gang...same group of friends from Wednesday.
This was the first time our girls had gone tubing and on wave runners. To say they had a blast was an understatement! They couldn't get enough.

Baileigh and Blake being silly...they're good at that!
One of the best things about being a mom is watching your kids have fun. My girls all had grins ear to ear throughout the much fun for me.