Monday, March 22, 2010

Our Fourth Final First!

Saturday was Morgan's 1st birthday...our last one around here! I think it was kinda a bigger milestone for me then the birthday girl.

We woke her up at 9am (my great sleeper!) and made sure we got a picture with the traditional family birthday hat!
We celebrated with three of Morgan's friends who were also born in March. We rented a church in the area that has a facility called "The Siloh Center"'s a really neat indoor play place that was ideal for the older kids that were invited to the party.
The decorations...
The favors...little cupcake lollipops!
The cupcake tree with personalized toppers for each birthday girl.
Three of the four birthday girls eating lunch...Lizzie, Morgan and Avah
Enjoying her first cupcake...she seemed to like the cake more then frosting.
After the party it was nap time so we redecorated at home with some of the goodies from the party...
Saturday night we went over to a friend's house for dinner and Morgan spent the night showing off her new walking skills...she is everywhere now!
I love this picture!
I can't believe how quickly this year has gone! My baby seems to have instantly evolved into a toddler and is now 'one of the girls'. She has truly provided a sense of completion to our family and is a source of joy and entertainment for all of us...we love you little Miss Morgan!

Friday, March 19, 2010

364 Days Old

Memory Lane

One of Brooke's favorite outfits to wear when she plays dress up was once something I wore to church...probably around 1979. My mom will probably comment with the exact date. But considering Brooke looks a lot like me as a little girl, seeing her in this dress is a flashback.

Ironically, if I showed her this dress and told her it used to be mine and asked her to wear it to church I'm sure she would refuse!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Big Birthday!

It's only 4 more days until my baby turns 1! I can't believe we're about to celebrate our last first birthdays around our household. I have three friends who also had March baby girls so we decided to have a group party. The event has grown and should prove to be quite an extravaganza, but I figure it's the last time we're going to do "1" so we'll do it big!
This post got me trying to recall our other three 1st birthday parties...Baileigh turned 1 while Brad was deployed in New Jersey and I had about 12 of my girlfriends from church come over for a party with their kids. Mommy needed a party more then Baileigh considering Daddy had been deployed over 200+ days the first year of her was to celebrate that I had survived!

Mckenna turned 1 in Oklahoma in an apartment we were living in for 4 months while Brad trained for the C-17. We didn't know anybody so her party consisted of 5 guys from Brad's class coming over for a home cooked meal and having Elmo birthday cake. They were all Daddy's themselves who were missing their own kids and they were very sweet and brought her presents...not your traditional 1st birthday.

Brooke celebrated 1 with a few family friends at a McDonald's play area in Puyallup, WA. It was low key but fun.

And now Morgan...celebrating 1 for the fourth time in four different states. This time, with Virgina church friends and with much fanfare. She is the baby, just living up to being spoiled!

Monday, March 08, 2010


Sunday, March 07, 2010

March 7...Looking back

You surprised us all with your dark hair and tan was such a contrast to your toe head sisters with pale skin. I can't tell you how many "what does the mailman look like?" comments we heard!
Just an hour old...

You're first birthday party...your sisters were so excited for your part because of the cake!

A year later...your first birthday, complete with the family birthday hat!

One year were walking and had so many teeth!

Two years...your birthday shirt still fit so I wanted to get my monies worth. It's fun to see you in the same shirt a year later!

You were starting to loose some of that baby fat and looking less and less like a toddler.

Oh...and we didn't forget the family birthday hat, you just weren't wanting to have anything to do with it at the age 2!
Three! You were in love with Max and Ruby (still a big fan).
Happy and tired after your party with the girls from your preschool class.

And finally...4! You woke up full of smiles and thrilled to be greeted by your sisters singing happy birthday!
This year was supposed to be a family party instead of begged to go to Chuck E. Cheese and invite your friend, Anne. Since Anne is like family we agreed and you were thrilled!
Chuck E. wishing you happy birthday...I had to splurge for the official party since you had your heart set on getting a crown, medal and meeting Chuck E....all privileges that aren't free.
Enjoying a beautiful afternoon outside...
Our big 4 year old on the scooter she picked out at Target this afternoon with money from her grandparents...I think she was sold on it when she saw it had an attachment that enabled her barbie to go on the scooter, too.

You said tonight that you had "A GREAT DAY!" You are a rollercoaster...but a ride worth taking and despite 3 other little girls in our family you bring a uniqueness and joy unmatched by any other. Happy 4th Birthday, Brooke!