Thursday, August 11, 2011

Welcome Home! Goodbye!

I haven't published in several weeks for a few reason...the primary being that I couldn't! I was having problems with my blog and couldn't publish my posts.

But I'm back...obviously.

In the past two weeks Brad returned home! Yeah! Pictures to follow soon.

The reason I can't post pictures at the present moment is that the CD is in a box...
because we're moving.

Thus the goodbye.

As I type the movers are loading the truck...ironically that means I finally have a few minutes to just sit and wait and as a result Brad had a chance to look at my blog and was able to correct the issues that had plagued me for weeks.

Tomorrow our residency in VA becomes history.

This move is very surreal at the moment. I've been "selling this house" since January...since I bought and assembled a new desk for Brad's office in anticipation of staging the house. Since I started shopping realtors in March. Since I started making sure that the garbage can was completely full every time I set the can at the corner in order to start the process of decluttering. Then the realtors. Meeting them. Interviewing them. Selecting them. Then the cleaning. The staging. The listing. The offers!

It truly has gone smoothly for the most part and we really couldn't ask for more. Brad's hard work payed off andthe house was easy to sell. But the process is still long and exhausting...and I am ready to be done with it...yet not ready to leave.

We've truly enjoyed these three years. This is Morgan's birthplace. This is the first move the older girls will really remember. This is the house we remodeled. This is where we've made great friends.

This is going to be hard to leave.

This is not goodbye...we like to say this is "until next time".