Sunday, February 28, 2010


One of Morgan's favorite games is kissing her reflection...she will spend 20 minutes looking at herself in a window or her reflection in the oven window and talk to herself and give herself kisses. It's very entertaining to watch because she gets so excited!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Disney on Ice

I'm a little slow in posting this...but Brad took his girls to Disney on Ice for Valentine's Day. It was the perfect event to entertain our age range...Morgan watched with huge eyes and clapped and danced the entire time. We had fantastic seats and other then the prince slightly dropping Belle on a was a flawless show.
Daddy treated his girls to cotton candy and crowns...what more could 4 princesses want?!
This looks like chaos...but it was the finale and a good number.
Everyone says she looks like me...
Mckenna couldn't stop eating the cotton candy even for a quick picture!
We finished our Valentine night in DC with dinner followed by crepes from a little street stand that reminds me of Europe. Events like Valentine's are different now with kids...but I know someday we'll have quiet dinners alone and probably find ourselves talking about the fun Valentine's day we went to Disney on Ice with the girls.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

11 Months!

I can't believe that one month from today we'll be celebrating my little girl's 1st birthday! We are preparing for quite the birthday extravaganza...Morgan is sharing her party with three of her little girl friends who also have March birthdays. It is evolving into quite a detailed shindig thanks to little Avah's mommy...complete with thematic dresses that each have the girl's names.

Here is a little sneak peak!

In a month from now I anticipate that Morgan will be showing the four top teeth she is currently cutting as well as possibly walking based upon all the steps she is taking each day! Where has the time gone? My tiny blue eyed baby is almost a big blue eyed toddler!

Baby Finola

I have been trying for several hours to create an album on facebook but it isn't cooperating today. So, I decided to post some pictures from my visit to see my college friend, Jana, and meet her little baby girl, Finola.
I brought some hair accessories to make baby Finola extra fancy...this was her first time wearing a dress or getting her hair done!
Chatting with her mommy...
Seeing 11 month Morgan next to this 3 week old sweetie makes you realize the amazing growth process that occurs over one year!
I think this was one of Finola's first playdates and Morgan wore her out!
Morgan was very excited and anxious to play with the baby!Can't you almost get that sweet baby smell through the picture!
Beautiful eyes...

I had a great vision for these next photos...but Finola was fighting off sleep and not too thrilled about getting her picture taken at this point, she still is adorable though.

After all those pictures...

I seriously think she was pointing at me and telling me to stop taking pictures in this photo!
I wish our friend Traci lived closer so she could take the beautiful pictures this baby is worthy of...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bathoom Update

The bathroom remodel is progressing. If you don't remember, here is what it looked like before.

Here is a sneak peak of our tile wall and my new chandelier.

The granite counters are being installed tomorrow...can't wait to see our vessel sinks and faucets.
There is still a ton of tiling ahead of us...I hope we'll be enjoy the finished project by March!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Too big, too soon!

I can't believe that Morgan is just a few days shy of turning 11 months...and soon the big first birthday! She is really on the move these days...hanging out with Ranger.

He is so patient with her and handles all her "love"...such as being dressed up and sat on.
She has been taking steps, usually with assistance...but frequently I'll find her standing on her own and managing a step before falling down.
She is always waving "hi"...
Another wave...
And another...
Such a sweet and silly girl...can't believe how fast this year has gone!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The girls have been out of school since last Friday as we experience record setting snow falls in northern VA. There have been several cold and windy days, but on Monday there were blue skies and it was gorgeous. We made it down to the elementary school in our neighborhood which has a great sledding hill. The girls had a blast sledding and also enjoyed seeing a lot of their school friends!

The Federal Government has had 3 snow days! That is evidence of just how bad the roads are around here. The main issue in DC is that we've had so much snow so quickly that they just don't have anywhere to put the snow on the narrow city streets. Currently they are plowing and trucking loads of snow and dumping it under bridges.
We bundled Morgan up and took her out so we could get a few pictures. Unfortunately, it was just a few minutes before her nap and she wasn't too thrilled!
We ran into one of Brooke's preschool buddies, Connor. She was nervous to sled but once she saw Conner and his double sled she was suddenly brave.
Even a face full of snow didn't stop her!
Baileigh...watching the girls sled took me back to my winters in MI as a kid. So fun to see them enjoying themselves so much!
My wild child...this kid aimed for every jump that had been built and could be heard screaming with joy by everyone.

Monday, February 08, 2010

The Blizzard and the Bowl

If you haven't heard...we got a little snow in the Capitol this weekend! Two feet according to the yard stick we put on our deck. Here is a picture of our now 10 foot tall Suburban!
Brooke hasn't been willing to wear her boots and snow pants on previous snow falls so this was her first time coming outside to play this winter. She said she had fun and I managed to get a few pictures.
The snow was pretty hard for her to navigate considering it's depth!
Sledding in the front yard.
Poor Jonah didn't know how to go to the bathroom considering he couldn't even move in the snow...
We had some damaged trees from the weight of the snow. Our neighbors had 4 huge Cypress trees that are broken under the weight of the snow. Baileigh is my snow bunny and stays outside until forced back in by her mother out of fear of her freezing!
Our snow fall started on Friday afternoon. We haven't ventured out since then and have heard things are still bad. The federal government actually has a snow day today so conditions must not be great! Considering we've been cooped up it was nice to have some brave friends over on Sunday night to watch the Super Bowl. Our party was smaller then originally planned, but we had fun none the less...despite watching it with Saints fans and I was cheering for the Colts!
I heard this year that Thanksgiving is the number 1 food consumption day of the year followed by Super Bowl being number 2! We did our part to keep that statistic true!
I got a little crafty with our desserts!
It's another snow day today and another storm is anticipated for Tuesday night...can you say cabin fever!