Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Snow

Friday, January 29, 2010

A Peak

A sneak peak at some of our bathroom fixtures. The progress is slow but steady. "It's never easy" is Brad's saying and it continues to be true. There have been hurdles that haven't surprised us but that are frustrating none the less...rotted floors, molded insulation, electrical issues, etc. All the things you can expect in a 20 year old house. If Brad had another week of vacation I think we could get the majority of it done, but he is headed back to work on Monday. Slow and steady...we'll get there sooner or later, hopefully sooner.
"The Chair Of Despair"...this thinking chair has been with Brad in all of our remodeling projects in this house, he has given it a name. It is barely holding tape doing the job. I hope it survives the remainder of this project or it could be a bad sign.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

10 months old

Morgan turned 10 months on Wednesday. I didn't forget about it...its just that if I had posted at that time it would have been all about her vomiting and explosive diapers...and I thought I would spare you from details or photos. Let's just say it was a long and rough week around here as three of the girls passed around some type of bug. I think we're almost all on the mend now and looking forward to getting back to "normal".

Here are a few pictures of Morgan from the past week...

She is usually a great eater and not picky, this week was a different story and she didn't keep much down. Today marks the fist time in 5 days that she has wanted to eat and we didn't see it again later! Notice all her bottom teeth...still no teeth on top.
She loves her baths...she needed several this week! Our only problem in the bath is the fact that she loves to drink the water out of her cups.
She spends most of her day exploring the house and getting into things like my purse...
And playing with things she shouldn't. I need to get some baby gates but its hard to bite the bullet and pay for them considering she is our fourth and final and I only need them for a short time. We'll see how long I can keep chasing her around and maybe we'll survive this stage...
This is the view I typically have of her throughout the day...
She has really started to love her doggies she is sharing her favorite blankie with Ranger which is a pretty big deal since she is very protective of her blankie!
I tried to get a few pictures of her outside today...but she had just woke up from a nap and still isn't feeling that great so smiles were few and far between. She was very preoccupied with eating her zipper.
Gotta love those big blue eyes....I think she gets compliments on a daily basis when we're out running errands.
Finally...a smile.
This week aside...she is such a happy baby and a joy to have around. Its amazing that she is almost a year old. She adores her sisters and they are all very fond of her as well. I look forward to this next year and seeing her personality develop even more.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Keepin me busy

Its been busy around here and we've started our final major home renovation...the master bath. Here are a few before pictures of our lovely 1987 Waverly wallpaper and brass chandelier bathroom before the demo...

Here are some pictures as we started the demo. Its completely gutted now, just the studs but I haven't downloaded any more pictures. Brad is taking next week off to work on it full time. I'll keep you posted...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jars of Clay

Thursday night we're going to Alexandria to the Birchmere to see Brad's favorite Christian group, Jars of Clay. Its a neat dinner theater venue where you actually watch the concert from your table. This was a Christmas gift I gave Brad and we're both looking forward to the evening.

Seems like it was just 1995 and I was back at TU and Jars of Clay was barely known and performing on campus. They accepted our invitation and came over to our off campus house for some coffee after they were done with their show. I had a fancy cappuccino machine at the was a real luxury and rarity back then! Its been 15 years and Jars of Clay has come a long way. I wonder if I invite them over for coffee after the show on Thursday if they'll accept. I'm sure their lack of notoriety combined with a houseful of college girls probably made the offer back in 1995 a little more appealing.


Not one of my girls has had teeth before the age of 8 months. Morgan is keeping in that tradition as she is almost 10 months old and finally cutting her first teeth. Not tooth...teeth. All 4 on the bottom at the same time! Still no teeth showing on top...but I can tell they are just under the surface. She has had a cold all month and been a little cranky...I'll blame it on the teeth!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Well...hopefully I didn't have a resolution to be more consistent with my blog posts this year since its already 10 days into January and I've yet to write anything.

The year is off to a good start. Some colds floating around the house and freezing cold weather...but otherwise, good.

This is my year to return to triathlons. That is the goal at least. I'm back to the gym, baby steps right now. I made it 3 days this week and attended two Zumba classes. It confirmed I have absolutely no Latin blood but I wasn't the worse in the class. The worse part is having to take Morgan with me which just exposes her to more germs several times a week. Oh well, hopefully it helps her develop a high tolerance...its not like her 3 sisters don't expose her to enough stuff, anyway. Miss Morgan is cruising all around the house and cutting 6 teeth right now! From zero to six in one month makes for a cranky girl.

We're tackling our last home remodeling project this month...the master bath. The cabinets and counter top are ordered so now we're looking for our floor and shower tile. Demo happens MLK weekend and Brad is taking the last week of January off to work on the remodel. I'm anxious to knock out this project but dreading the late nights and mess.

The girls are back to school and adjusting to a schedule again. Ice skating lessons are on the agenda for the month of January and the girls seem to be enjoying the experience. All in all our family is doing really well...just growing up way too fast!

So I'm not sure what this post is truly about...a chance to catch up, to share a little, to touch say I finally posted!