Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hair Cut

Mckenna got a really bad hair cut the other day. It looked like she had cut it herself. At the time I wasn't overly impressed with the girl cutting it, but I didn't realize how crooked and uneven everything was until I took her home. Brad initially thought I was over reacting and then a day later he admitted, "She got a really bad haircut!" Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures. So I decided to asked around for a referral (since this all was the result of taking her to a place I had never been before) and finally found a highly recommended gal willing to help us fix her hair. In order to fix it she had to cut it shorter, much shorter then she has ever had before. Despite the fact its a cute hair cut this was really hard to see it so short. Its growing on me and seems to fit her personality. I figure at least I won't have to take her to get a haircut this summer!

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Fun

Check out those Abs!

Bathing beauty

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


So many expressions!

Her different looks can
entertain me for hours!

Bike Riding

Despite helmets and training wheels I confess that I am an emotional wreck when the kids are riding bikes. I never used to be the worry-wart type...but the girls need for speed combined with their continued oblivion to things such as mailboxes and curbs makes our moments on two wheels (plus trainers) a constant heart attack. Will my nerves subside when they are 8 and 10 and seem more in control? I hope so...this almost makes me look forward to rainy season when we put the bikes away! I don't think I'll ever be ready for drivers ed!

This really isn't them turning around for a photo...this is more or less their level of awareness while bike riding. Is this typical at this age? Do all kids seem to watch everything while biking except the road? Maybe I'm a little hypersensitive considering I had about 8 teeth knocked out in a bicycle accident when I was just a little older then Baileigh...saved me from braces though.

Pre-Deployment Picnic

So what do you do with less then a dozen days before a deployment? Apparently come together as a squadron and try to create some camaraderie and boost morale. That meant a good old fashioned cook-out, dunk tank, potato sack races, cake, etc. The kids had a good time and I think that at least Baileigh walked away with an understanding that all these other kids were going to have their daddies go away on a very long trip, too...and she wasn't the only one.

Mckenna started of timid, but then thought the sack race was pretty fun! Both girls were poor losers though...don't know where they get their competitive spirit from!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Words Not Necessary

What more can I say about these pictures? Brooke may not be able to speak but she can say a ton with her eyes and that smile.
She makes me laugh...which makes her smile more!


"See my muscles!"
Finally...summer has arrived, we hope! Yesterday was the first official day of summer. Apparently in the NW that is taken literally as the weather finally reached the mid seventies for the first time in weeks. By this weekend there is a chance of hitting eighty! Can't wait for all the "Breaking News" stories about sold out window AC units at Home Depot due to the heat wave!

To "beat the heat" we broke out the slip and slide. We're saving our new pool for the heat wave!

The slip and slide doubles nicely as a water bowl for Ranger and Jonah!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

Daddy just got back last night from a trip...and knowing he leaves in a few weeks for four months seemed to make us a little more sentimental and appreciative of this years Father's Day. At least Mommy and Daddy were. Baileigh too, although instead of sentimental and appreciative it rears it's head in a four year olds emotionally unstable world as being sad and winy. At least there is a specific reason unlike the majority of other days. In all seriousness though, how do you explain to a four year old why she has to make the sacrifice of her Daddy leaving for a long time to go contribute to the safety and well being of our country? "Country" in and of itself is still a concept we're trying to understand in relationship to "state", "city" etc. I hope when she matures and has a greater level of comprehension she'll recognize that someone's Daddy had to go and her Daddy was self-sacrificing enough to be that person. I hope when I mature and have a greater level of comprehension I'll recognize that fact, too.

The girls wrapped Daddy's Father's Day present 100% on their own. Almost on entire roll of tape on this one box and three different types of gift wrap (including Dora). It kept them occupied for about an hour...I may have to go to the dollar store and stock up on tape and gift wrap for the next four months.

Baby Brooke is taking Daddy's trip the young and innocent to know or understand. If you look closely you'll see some blonde in her roots, maybe there is hope that someday people will stop making the lame "What's your Mail Man look like" joke regarding her brown hair.


If you're at all in the preschool realm you're probably familiar w/ the Backyardigans. Yesterday, it was a balmy 64 degrees in the Northwest, so we broke out the shorts and enjoyed the sun (breaks) in the back yard and the girls imagined themselves in several scenarios influenced by the Backyardigans. Ranger and Jonah were props in several of their shenanigans, regardless of their desire to participate.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Fire Chief Princess Girl

This is classic Mckenna. Playing "Fire Chief Princess Girl!" Mckenna had just enough time to pose for this picture before she had to rush off and save the babies in the fire. She was soon fighting with her sister for the second stroller because there were two babies she needed to save because "I am the Fire Chief Princess Girl and I have to save the babies...because I am here to save the day!"

Going for Gold!

Well after two years and more money then I would like to count...oh I just counted...yikes...our gymnastics career at the Little Gym is over. Mckenna had her big final show, which really amounts to the same random running around as normal but lots of parents and grandparents taking pictures and praising the kids for doing the exact same things we scold them for at home. Ironic.

If any of the Hall girls have a future in this sport it by far would be Mckenna at this point. She has no fear, is really strong, and naturally acts like a monkey.

Cheered on by her adoring fans (Mommy and Baileigh...and friends)Mckenna gives her final "Ta-Da", no prompting necessary! Her gymnastics career isn't over, just moving on to a new coach that can better help her attain her goal of Olympic Gold...the this way Mommy can exercise because they have childcare when the girls aren't busy training for the summer games of 2017!

The graduating class of 2006...who knew they would be graduating before most of them are potty trained!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


After getting home from work the other day, Brad was asking the girls what they had been up to. He said, "So what did you do today, Mckenna?" She considered it and after much thought she responded, "Weeelllllllllll ( a long drawn out "well")...I didn't eat crabs!"


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A day in the life...

A summary of our one was up before 8:20 (except Mommy...a quiet house in the morning is so nice) kids sleep late thankfully! Some breakfast, spilled milk (no one cried), a fashion meltdown over not being able to wear a skirt (Mckenna) then off to the YMCA for an hour with a trainer (I pay for this abuse?). Back home for lunch, playtime, then a rest.
Baileigh was glad to help Mommy give a bottle instead of rest so that I could put away laundry.
Brooke helped Mommy in the yard, but must have found it exhausting.
I guess I should cut her some slack, she is just 3 months!!It doesn't take much for Brooke to be comfortable enough to sleep.
Today a miraculous event happened...Mckenna slept during nap time! I may be in trouble at bedtime. Oh well, it was nice at the moment.
A relatively uneventful day filled w/ a minimum of meltdowns and squabbles...and a few moments I captured in photos that brought smiles to my face.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

God's Making Popcorn

Last night it was raining hard. Around 4:00 in the morning Mckenna woke up to go potty and heard the rain. I laid in bed with her for a few minutes at her request to snuggle. She whispered to me "I think someone is playing drums." I told her that was just the rain on the roof. A minute later she whispered, "No Mommy, I think God is making popcorn."

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sock Fetish

Mckenna has a propensity towards socks. Ugly socks. Why do we have ugly socks, you ask? Because there is always that 6th pair in the package that will never match anything we own. For some reason I keep them, in the back of the sock drawer. At rest time Mckenna's fetish rears it's ugly head. Usually it's the red Christmas socks with snow flakes. Today I caught her in the act. It was was her sister's never worn mint green socks (the 6th pair), and 20 minutes later despite my stern warning I found her in yellow socks. Perhaps my photo taking of her actions didn't discourage her behavior...go figure.

Friday, June 02, 2006


Mckenna has taken to her role as a big sister like a natural

Brooke already admires her big sister

Showtime (I sit thru at least 5 performances a day)

Snuggle time

I don't have a sister, and watching my three girls makes me jealous. I was such a tom-boy I never envisioned girls, let alone 3! But I wouldn't trade them for the world...even if, much to my chagrin, it means sitting thru ballet or dance lessons some day!