Friday, October 30, 2009

Twas the night before Disney...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Photos

When the girls went outside to play today after school I decided to take my camera with us and see if I could get a few photos in the yard. Plus I'm in complete denial that I have to pack for 6 people to go to Disney in a few days so this was a great way to procrastinate...and update my blog!

My least compliant subject this is a very successful photo because she isn't running away from the camera.
The trees in our front yard...I can't believe the peak color is over and the leaves have begun to fall.
Not only another successful photo of Brooke...but a real smile too...not a "cheese" pose.
My beautiful 6 year girly, yet notice the big knot on her forehead from a meeting with the pavement yesterday. She is the best of both worlds...loves her accessories but you'll see her necklace and earings blowing in the wind as she sails down our driveway on her scooter performing as many stunts as she can imagine!
Despite the fact this is a "posed" picture...I love it...especially all their exposed belly buttons.
Mckenna's smile in this picture just makes me smile, too!
Three of my 4 little princesses...number 4 was taking her afternoon nap and missed out on all the fun.
Double trouble!!!
Just one week shy of 8! She is so excited to celebrate her big day in style in Walt Disney World! Hope she doesn't expect this every year!

Too Cool

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Preschool Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

On Wednesday Brooke's school went to a local pumpkin patch...this trip was rescheduled from last week when it was a high in the low 40's and rainy. Yesterday was upper 70's and beautiful!

One of her favorite activities were the big slides.
I struggled to find somewhere that was a good photo op combined with good lighting, somewhere to sit, etc... this still wasn't the best background. And I completely gave up on getting Morgan to look at the camera because she was pretty enthralled with all the pumpkins around her. Just seconds after taking this picture Brooke decided she was done and she jumped down and left her wobbly 7 month old sister sitting alone...I made a one handed catch of Morgan just seconds after taking this picture and seconds before she had a pumpkin stem in her face! I'm writing about it in a whimsical manner but it wasn't funny. At all!
Checking herself out in the fun house mirrors.
Of the 100 different fun things you could do at this pumpkin patch Brooke decided she loved this old, stiff, circa late 70's ride on skunk. There is no understanding this girl sometimes.
It was nice to have Nana with us...although I didn't get her in any good pictures...because it let me enjoy some time on the slides with Brooke while Nana watched Morgan.
We're hoping to go to a different pumpkin patch this weekend before Nana heads home but the weather for Saturday isn't looking too promising. Last Saturday it was a rainy mess, that just means that Brooke may end up being the only lucky one who gets to go to a pumpkin patch this year!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Baby Dedication

Yesterday marked our fourth and final baby dedication at our third church. Baileigh and Mckenna were dedicated at our church in NJ, Brooke in WA, and now Morgan in VA. Amazingly they were all dedicated in the same states where they were born!
Our dedication experience has been unique at each church but special and memorable. This picture below was actually taken during the service while our family was up front with four other families...all dedicating little girls and four out of five were March babies like Morgan! She has a lot of little girlfriends in the church nursery. Nana was in town for a visit and able to attend the special morning, too. Unfortunately I didn't get any individual pictures of Morgan prior to her conking out after her busy morning.
Despite the fact that Morgan is our fourth little girl she is no less special to us then the first day we held our first baby. She has personality beyond her seven months and is such a joy to be around...I am truly blessed.

Lovin on their baby sister...

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Army 10 Miler

We were up early this morning and on the metro headed to the Pentagon to cheer on Daddy who was running the Army 10 Miler. The girls love riding "the train".
Brad finished in 1 hour and 25 minutes...average 8 minutes and 28 seconds a mile. He was pleased with his pace and said it was a good run, despite the crowd of 30,000 running with him and the fact that he was actually bumped a lot on the run.
Afterwards the girls ran in a kid's fun run and got their own medals, too! Next week they have a run at their school...Mckenna will be running a mile with me and Brad and Baileigh are running a 5k so this was a little practice for Saturday. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of them crossing the finish line because as I mentioned...there were 30,000 people at this race and it was insanely crowded...I'm just glad we managed to connect with Brad who didn't have a cell phone. What did we meet up with someone before cell phones!!!
My tired runners waiting on the blue line metro.
We've had a fun but hectic few days...I feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

AF vs Navy

We spent Saturday in Annapolis at the Naval Academy to watch some Falcon Football. It was a reunion of sorts for Brad...all the guys in the picture played with Brad at the Academy. Several are in the area and a few flew in for the game and a full afternoon of tailgating.
The girls didn't really know any of the kids but that didn't keep them from making best friends and having a blast.
A family picture...with almost everyone looking at the camera!
I always appreciate all the pomp and circumstance and ceremony at academy games
...even if it is the Naval Academy.
It was a long day for Morgan...thankfully she is pretty flexible and adapting well to her inconsistent schedule...a quick nap on the bleachers seemed to be enough to get her through the afternoon in a good mood.
Here is the happy girl after her nap...she entertained everyone around us!
Daddy and his girls...cheering for Daddy's Alma mater.
It was hot! Too hot for an October game! I know I should be thankful we weren't freezing...but we were sitting in the sun and it was blinding. And hot! Finally by the 4th, as the sun was beginning to set a breeze picked up and some people left from our row and suddenly the game was much more enjoyable as we weren't so hot and had room to spread out...unfortunately, at that same time, AF fell apart and we lost!