Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Turning 9!

Last week we celebrated Mckenna turning 9! She gathered with the girls from her third grade class at school for a night of bowling.
Ready to party...considering it was a rainy night I'm glad we went with bowling instead of a swim party!
Singing happy birthday...
All the girls in her class (minus 1)...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back To School!

Despite the fact it's only ten days into the month of August...we're starting school in the south! This northern can't get used to the 90 degree tempertures combined with new shoes and packing lunches! It was a fun summer and I always have mixed emotions on the first day of school...the organizer in me enjoys a schedule but I also miss those lazy mornings in our pjs snuggling on the couch.
Miss Morgan...ready for preschool and MORE then excited!
Brooke...cute new bob that she has been asking for...minus a tooth after our summer adventures and ready to conquer first grade!
I know Mckenna is ready for third grade...just not sure that third grade is ready for her!
The sign says fith grade...her height and shoe size says she is fifteen! Starting off the year at 5'1 and she size 8.5...wonder what she will be like at the end of the year...I think I may be looking up at her!