Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baltimore Aquarium

Yesterday we met my friend, Melissa, in Baltimore. Despite the hot weather we had a fun afternoon enjoying the harbor, the aquarium and an interesting lunch!
Our 6 cute girl...
In the rainforest of the aquarium...
In the inner harbor...
Eating lunch at Dick's Last Resort...known for their rude and sarcastic waiters...thankfully they were PG at lunch, but I wouldn't take the kiddos there in the evening...we tried Hard Rock Cafe, first, but they had a wait. So we ended up at the first place that had a kid's menu, immediate seating and was nice and loud.Lila and Brooke...
Extreme close-up...but with those beautiful blue eyes it works!
The dolphin show at the aquarium...a highlight for the girls.
Baileigh and Emma...seems like Emma was just two and holding newborn Baileigh!

We wished we lived closer to our NJ friends...but we're thankful that we're still close enough to rendezvous for some day trips.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Loyal Swim Team Fan

Westridge Waves Fan 2009
Westridge Waves Fan 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Obama's Bottom

Since we live in the DC area it isn't unusual to visit a restaurant and find something like this...
I'm debating if this signage makes me want to sit in this chair more or less...guess it depends on why you sit in the chair.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BLOGGERS...where are you?

So, I was looking at my sidebar and wondering where you have gone? I miss you're updates! I know FB has changed things...but the blog is more personal and intimate. I won't name names...I don't really need to, just look on the sidebar and you can see who is guilty of neglecting their baby.

Come back...I miss you.

I dare you. I double dog dare you!

Monday, June 21, 2010

First Swim Meet

Summer has begun...that means swim meets! So at 5:50am Brad was out the door with the older girls and I met up with him at a more decent hour...like 8:30!

Morgan and Daddy...waiting for the next heat.
Mckenna with a good start in her breast stroke heat...
Baileigh jumping in for the butterfly...she is in the lane on the right...
Mckenna fighting for the lead in her heat...
My two little fish...
Backstroke...Mckenna in lane 1 with pink goggles at the bottom of the picture...Mckenna is in lane three with the green goggles and her head down. Racing against each other, creates some issues.
Mckenna had a great start...first off the wall with a clean start.

Baileigh doing the freestyle...
Mckenna with two of her schoolmates and friends...Sophie and Jordan.
Baileigh with her relay team...they took first place. My girls suits didn't arrive in time so she is odd man out til she gets the new uniform.
The Waves (our team) won the meet! We're a small team so that is a big accomplishment! We're off to a good start!

Friday, June 18, 2010


First Day of Kindergarten...
Last Day of Kindergarten...
First Day of Second Grade...
Last Day of Second Grade...
September 2009
June 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2nd Lost Tooth!

Mckenna lost her first tooth over Memorial Day weekend. She had another loose tooth and was hopeful to loose it before her last day of Kindergarten. Success!


There is a very cute and simple sprayground down the street from us...unfortunately it is part of another neighborhood association and you have to have membership to use their facility. Thanks to a friend we were able to play over there for a few hours the other day. Our neighborhood has an amazing pool and club which I'm very thankful for...but for preschool age children this was a ton of fun and not too much work for mommy!

Morgan...checking it out at fist...
It didn't take long for her to walk right up to the water and get a face full without any objections.
Brooke was having a blast!
Silly faces...
Double trouble!
This face full of water was a surprise and it took her a minute to recover...
Trying to catch the water...
We have 3 more days to kill before the older girls are out of school. This was a fun day that passed quickly and was perfect for the younger girls.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pentagon Memorial

ER vist

I realize I've been doing a poor job updating my blog. My hopes are to eventually publish my blog posts so I have a journal of sorts that the girls can look through some day. So, with that in mind...I decided to go back and post an event that occurred over Memorial Day weekend.

Morgan developed a cough over the weekend, and then eventually a fever. Her breathing seemed very labored and she just seemed pretty miserable in general. On Sunday morning Brad went to the air and space museum with out of town friends that were staying with us so I decided to take her to the doctor instead of going to the museum. The only option was the ER since it was a Sunday morning. I decided to drive to Fort Belvoir in hopes that their ER would be less busy then the one in our community...it was a good call! We were seen quickly and after an exam they said that she had croup.

Here she is, waiting on doctor...tired and scared she is hiding behind her favorite blankie.
The breathing treatment was 20 LONG minutes...it wasn't painful in any way for her but she screamed and thrashed around while the nurse tried to hold the oxygen mask over her face. After 20 minutes we were both exhausted and sweaty...here is the result!
I didn't look much different...and a nap would have been nice! She finished up the last few minutes of her breathing treatment asleep...look at her sweaty head!
This wasn't anything too serious....but just looking at her in the hospital bed and in this environment made me think about how blessed we are to have healthy kids and how if I never visit the ER with any of my kids again it will be too soon!