Monday, September 19, 2011

Back To School!

This year is a first for us...home schooling! In order to spend the fall with Brad in San Antonio it obviously meant changing schools. Considering we would be moving again around Christmas we made the decision to home school this fall. It has allowed us the opportunity to see a lot of Brad the the flexibility to go to Cleburne, TX a lot to see Brad's family.

Despite not being in a traditional classroom we had to take the obligatory "back to school" pictures! This fall starts Kindergarten for Brooke! Hard to will be sad to have her gone all day with her sisters in January. Morgan loves having all her sisters around to play with and she will have a rude awakening in a few months.
Brooke picked this lunch box because it had a matching ice pack that looked like the doggy...she was sold!
Mckenna's 2nd grade year! She just turned 8 and continues to keep us on our picture proving my point.

This is the result of her accident on August 1...rollerblading and kicked over a glass vase in the garage and fell on it. 14 stitches and now we're off to see a plastic surgeon tomorrow to see if there is anything more they can do to help its appearance.
Doesn't stop her spunk, beauty and enthusiasm...
Last but not 4th grader! Almost 5ft and wearing a size 6 shoe, yet only 9!!!!! Imagine by her teen years. I am enjoying kissing her forehead while I can...soon I'll barely be able to kiss her chin.

Three of the four...

The present

I'm so far behind on this blog that I keep trying to figure out how and when to catch up...I finally decided today that there is no time like the present. Today. Now.

Short summary.

Brad has been home almost 2 months.

One month ago we said goodbye to VA and we moved across country into our temporary home in San Antonio.

I'm home schooling the girls until we make our "permanent" move to MS...sometime around mid to late December.

We're keeping busy and enjoying the family time.

Geesh...two months in 4 sentences! Very uncharacteristic of me!

Current day...Morgan is potty training/trained. She is doing great and I'm anxious to be past the phase where I'm visiting every bathroom in the greater San Antonio suburbs.

Older 3 girls are doing karate twice a week and love soon. Morgan takes a tumbling class and listens so well to her teacher.

Brad is about to hit the flight line in the T-1...wrapping up academics and simulators.

We're enjoying the time together as a family, but it feels like a vacation, not a move.

We miss our VA friends.

Here are a few pictures from Brad's return that I never posted...we were fortunate to have someone from Operation Love come to the homecoming and capture the moment.

I also hope to have a few pictures from a going away party that friends threw for us...waiting on pictures from a friend (ahem...Desi!;)